JULY 11 - OCTOBER 31 @ 10:20AM

Few things are more relaxing than a cup of coffee, and few things are more disturbing than the

latest controversy in our society. Let's come together to enjoy a great beverage while we examine

the controversies through the lens of God's word, reason, experience, and Christian tradition. 

The class will be an opportunity to explore timely issues in a safe way as we model how

Christians understand, share and live the truth of the Gospel. We will meet starting on

July 11 at the Shiloh Cafe 15 minutes after worship or about 10:20am. 

Class Rules

1. Our relationship with God through Jesus comes first.
2. What we do matters as the Spirit works to make us like Christ.
3. The Bible guides us in belief and action. 
4. There is a power to discern God's will among the people of God.
5. Christians can disagree without being disagreeable.

Class Schedule

July 11    Faith and the Culture Wars: What Should a Christian Expect?

July 18    God and the Environment: Does the Natural World Matter?

July 25    Meet Allynn Walker, District Superintendent, and ask

                 Methodist Questions!

August 1    Statues, History and Community: How Do We Handle

                    the Past Still Present?

August 8    Prison Reform and the Justice of Society

August 15  The Way You Say It:  The Battle Over Words in America

August 22  The Battle for the Border:  Immigration and American


August 2     Abortion and the Sanctity of Life: A Path Forward?

September 5      Pornography and Purity: How Is a Christian to React?

September 12    Marriage, Cohabitation and the Singleness Challenge

September 19    Personal Freedoms and Christian Responsibility

September 26    Battles for the Mind: Mental Illness and Faith

October  3    Killing Me Softly One Bite at a Time?: Obesity and Faith

October 10   NO CLASS

October 17   Dig My Herbs?: Marijuana, Tobacco and the Christian


October 24   Which Lives Matter? Racism in America

October 31   Homosexuality and the Christian Witness